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Having several years of experience working with MKYIS and CAMHS Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services I am comfortable working with children over the age of nine years and teenagers with a wide variety of problems. I also provide services and support packages for parents, relatives and care workers for children and adolescents


Ranging from traumatic experiences of the past through to experiencing domestic abuse you deserve to be safe and respected in your life. Having worked with domestic abuse charities for over three years I am confident I can help you work through this in a safe and supported manner.


Utilising a consensus approach to sharing the time and space to communicate and express each person’s feelings and emotional state we can delve into the underlying issues and overcome them together. LGBTQ+, non-binary couples and polycules welcome


Everyone in their life experiences anxiety, stress, doubt, fear and other negative emotions in their lives and its perfectly normal to have these feelings. We can work to identify and control the triggers and causes for anxiety can help diminish these feelings and give you a level of control over your life.


The pressures of a high stress environment and emotionally charged environments can cause serious mental conditions ranging from burnout to suicidal ideation. Having worked with members of the NHS through to corporate clients everyone in work can find themselves needing support.


As an expert by experience living with and supporting Autistic & ADHD family members I have a lifetime of experience encouraging individuals that think and feel differently to the rest of society. Everyone has a right to be happy, accepted and loved and we work to reinforce that in our sessions. 


Relationship issues arise in a multitude of situations, from familial relationship spanning decades through to work colleges or social groups there are many complications that boil to the surface. Working with a personalised approach to your needs we can work to feel seen, heard and valued as everyone has a right to be.


Death is a fundamental constant in life but the impact of losing a loved one cannot be quantified. Working to come to terms with a future without those we love is a long and necessary process for anyone suffering from bereavement. Without pressure to move on or hurry through this process we work together to acknowledge and control the impact this has on daily life.


Together we can look at the underlying causes and root of the phobias in a safe and supportive manner. Please note I do not practice exposure therapy at teapot therapy.


Depression, like anxiety is something everyone in their life experiences at some point. When thoughts turn to into impediments talking therapy is a great way to express how you are feeling in a safe, detached environment where you will be heard.

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